Our Clients Tell Our Story Best

"Thank you for providing fantastic media training including interview feedback.  Before future media interviews I intend to repeatedly watch the audio and video for reminders on what to do and not do.  I also plan to incorporate your tips and strategies into future interviews. I will certainly recommend you to others.”


President, Gender Action, Washington, DC

"I still benefit from the media training you gave me when I was at PongoResume.com. Especially during a 60 minute program on NBC-NY in 2009."


President, JenytaMarket.com

"Mr. Weinstein's knowledge of the industry allowed him to give direct and constructive feedback during media training. The interactive and practical nature of the session helped prepare participants for their future work in the public forum."


Director of Strategic Partnerships, Center for Inspired Teaching, Washington, DC

"Your training really energized me to think about what skills I would want to emphasize and then how to present it in an efficient and understandable way for maximum impact. Your focused feedback was so targeted and spot-on and showed an in-depth knowledge of the subject based on experience in your field. It really was an energizing experience for me."


Washington, DC

“This training was vital for me as I learn how to more effectively work with the media to spread my organization's message. I appreciated the practical nature of the workshop, especially the chance to do mock interviews and get an instant critique. While I already had some media experience before the training, you helped me get ready to take it to the next level. I recommend this workshop highly to any nonprofit professionals who want to up their game when talking to the media.”


Cancer Families for Affordable Medicine

Washington, DC

“The concepts of the training were really down to earth and practical. It was immensely helpful to hear best practices from such seasoned experts in media and journalism, and then hone organizational messages with their advice and feedback. I appreciated the combination of theory and immediate application. The training definitely gave me a lot of ideas to continue processing beyond the few hours we spent together. It was time and money well spent!”


Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Washington Office, Washington, DC

"Jordan Weinstein thoroughly covered media basics but moved quickly toward working with our team to customize our message, asking the right questions to draw out sound-bite worthy responses. His work impressed us."


Communications Director, ACLU of Massachusetts

"I've participated in a lot of media training, but this was the best. Jordan Weinstein's approach helped me to both improve interviewing technique and make my messages more effective. Highly recommended."

Director, Charity & Security Network, Wash., DC

"Jordan Weinstein's media training program is indispensable. Singlehandedly, this training put me on the right track in terms of selling my book. If you're looking for someone who can transform the way you talk about your project, program, or organization, I can't recommend Jordan, and his training, highly enough."


Writer, performer, Washington, DC

"I found the training to be extremely valuable. In fact, when asked a question recently, I answered the question I wanted to be asked instead. I could hear your voice in my head, which I’m sure will serve me very well down the line. I'm looking forward to putting these skills to additional use in the future."


    Sr. Manager, Science Education

    Ctr. for Inspired Teaching, Wash, DC