Our clients are thought leaders from every strata of society...non-profits, issue advocates, authors, experts, broadcasters, academics, scientists, corporate executives


  • Center for Inspired Teaching, Washington, DC

  • The Haiti Advocacy Working Group, Washington, DC

  • Public Citizen, Washington, DC

  • Cancer Families for Affordable Medicine, Washington, DC

  • Charity & Security Network, Washington, DC

  • ACLU of Massachusetts. Initiative launch. Media preparation.

  • MIT Sloan School of Management. Training of Dean and more than 70 faculty & staff. MIT LIST

  • MIT Energy Initiative/MITEI. Training of Director and Deputy Director. MIT LIST

  • WGBH Educational Foundation. Launch of the Center for Digital Asset Management at WGBH

  • WGBH Television. Launch of Eye on Education initiative.

  • WGBH Radio. Training of new VP and general manager for TV and Radio.

  • Peace at Home. A human rights agency.


  • Biogen. A leading biotechnology company.

  • E Ink. Innovative developer of groundbreaking electronic display technology.

  • Staples e-commerce business unit.

  • Philips Medical Systems. Premier maker of automatic external defibrillators, AEDs, for sudden cardiac arrest.

  • VistaPrint. Online supplier of high-quality graphic design services & customized printed products to small businesses and consumers.

  • Red Hat. World's largest distributor of Linux open source software.

  • The leader in online compensation information for individuals, business managers and human resource professionals.

  • Zildjian. World's largest manufacturer of musical cymbals and drumsticks.

  • PongoResume. A premier full-service online resume-building resource that provides a suite of tools to help job seekers market and manage their career.

  • Dace Ventures. An early-stage venture capital firm investing the Next Wave of internet-related innovations.

  • NEON Communications. A service provider of advanced optical networking solutions & services.

  • Schwartz Communications. PR agency focused on the high-technology, medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


  • Naomi Friedman, Office of Economic Resilience, U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development. Preparation for Congressional hearings on refunding of grant programs.

Authors & Experts

  • Diane Perlman, Conflict Analyst & Author. Washington, DC.

  • Laura Zam, Author. Preparation for book launch. Washington, DC.

  • Parke Wilde, Ph.D. Economist, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University. Preparation for panel discussion at 28th Annual National Food Policy Conference in Washington, DC.

  • Leslee Kagan. Co-author of Mind Over Menopause: The Complete Mind-Body Approach to Coping with Menopause. Publication launch.

  • pfs marketwyse. An advertising, marketing, PR and communications agency.

  • Software AG. A global software provider in 59 countries worldwide.

  • CMGI@Ventures. A leader in identifying, investing in and developing Internet and emerging technology companies.

  • Capstone Partners. Investment banking advisors.

  • Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault. A leading law firm at the intersection of business, law and technology.

  • Borland. A leading provider of technology used to develop, deploy and integrate software applications.

  • Haemonetics. Automated blood collection, processing and storage systems.

  • Pod Holding. Advanced private equity firm based in the U.S. and Sweden.

  • Frameworx. Open source software company that makes it easy for developers to create, deploy and manage service-oriented business applications.

  • Endius. Pioneer in minimally invasive spinal fusion.

  • Fusion. Experts in the sourcing, procurement and distribution of electronic components and finished goods.

  • Hiring Machine. Developer of online job search and employee recruitment solutions.